Recapitulate your personal history to gain your freedom from it.

Your world/family, victim/abuser trauma program has been imprinted into your monkey mind from the day you were born just like everyone else on the planet. Unless you have cleared yourself in some way the world/family trauma controls you and holds your perception. Your trauma’s wounds continue to bleed your energy controlling your every move and decision. You think you are free, you think you are conscious, yet your freedom is a very narrow band, a restricted dream, constricted by the traumatic programing of your monkey mind.
Do you want to change something like the fear of speaking? Just go ahead and try.
Without help the monkey mind will kick you ass.

everything we see, while we are awake in this reality is a question of the position of the assemblage point ……. as long as we maintain our allegiance to the self, what we’re really doing is maintaining our allegiance to that particular position of the assemblage point……….if one wishes to move away from the self, from that given position of the assemblage point, and venture into the unknown …. the self has to capitulate…
Taisha Abelar

Recapitulation is surrendering, to generate freedom. How to recapitulate is explained by Castaneda.
The Toltecs recapitulate their lives in entirety so that their assemblage point is fluid and their energy is free to align new perceptions.

Have you listened to your monkey mind?
I can’t do that. I am to fat. I am too thin. I am too shy. I am poor. I am uneducated. I am not good enough. I love her if…. I could do that if…. They are no good. Those people are all criminals. They are evil. My religion is the only way. I have to do this. I have to hurry. I am late. I don’t care. I hate this. I hate that. I hate them. I l like this. I don’t like that. I am better than them. They are my slaves. I judge you. I am superior. You are judging me. What you think is more important than what I think. I am their slave. Beggars can’t be choosers. A rich man will never get into heaven. I like to play. The bogey man will get you. I want her to be this way. Only perfect avatars can become enlightened. No one is perfect. That scares me to death. Strangers are dangerous. I’m afraid to get on stage.

Wow; and this is just an miniature example of the mental vortex that is programing each of us. Just think, every relationship, every behavior is built up from this stack of rotten bricks. No wonder the world is a crazy place.

Life is the guru. The guru of life is telling you, you must become conscious of the baggage. Then you must remove it. Get the garbage out. Capitulate your bound up energies so you can experience freedom.

To recapitulate recall the feeling of a event or relationship, take your energy back then breathe it in breathe it out. Then shift to the Eagles Perception.  You perceive that there was no free will or choice or malicious intent. The Behavior you are capitulating was programmed, ordained by the parasite, the overriding program. When you come to this understanding at Eagle you have shifted your perception and freed your bound energy.

The parasite has been passed down from generation to generation. It is in you. It shackles you. Now that you know, you can stop it. You have the power.

When you recapitulate a traumatic memory you see the bigger truth. You see that the bigger truth is that the trauma was a caused by an act that was the culmination of the world programing at that time. Your mom spanked you because her mom spanked her as she said spare the rod and spoil the child.

Who knows how many generations these things go back.

Realize traumatic memories result not from malicious intent but are just the result of the flow of the world paradigm reacting through individuals. In the instant that you shift your perception of the memory from an intentional act to just a reaction then you feel it being released. Your perception has shifted. Your energy is liberated. This is the way the Toltecs clean the emotional injuries from their past.

When you free yourself from emotional woulds you no longer react to life in the way predetermined by your experience paradigm.

Take the big step, shift to the Eagle and Grace. Live your life from here.

This is the Eagle’s gift… the View from on High, the Big Picture. With the Eagle’s Perception we know our traumas and dramas are just the culmination of the processing of the mental software that we all carry about. This is the software that the Toltec’s call the Parasite.

Align yourself with Grace. Get the Big Picture. Capitulate with Eagle’s perception.

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