remake your beliefs

remake your beliefs

By remaking your beliefs you change  your intention and hook the  awareness you wish to perceive.

Your belief structure empowers your Intention to create your life congruent with your belief structure.  The play of your life is written by your belief structures.  When you are caught up in your mind, your life is scripted and boxed in by your belief structure.

In order to take conscious control of your life you must change your belief system to include background  awareness.  Changing your belief system will collapse your old lifestyle.  You will have a new perceptual view when you change your belief structure. This is because changing your belief structure changes your intention.  It is your intention that hooks your perceptual awareness.  It is your intention that holds your attention in place.

You can not intend to be perceptually free if you accept old world limitations.  You may say you intend to be free, but your underlying belief structure will determine the intent that dominates.

Your intent is meaningful because it is your intent that hooks your emotional energy and triggers behavioral patterns.

By changing your beliefs (which we have been doing with this blog), we have changed the intent of your life.  We have rewritten your manuscript and your part in the play.  Your intention has been placed under conscious control by concious decision to believe in your background awareness separate from your mind. 

Your master manuscript of beliefs becomes self determined….. ie ..  I am life force.  God is within me.  Miracles happen in my life.  I have the authority and power to shift and hold  my real awareness. I choose to hold my perception in conscious awareness …. in my heart center, my Christ center, my Buddha center, my adventure center, my contemplative center, my play center, my miracle center or any blend of centers that is best for me at the moment.  I choose beliefs that are liberating, empowering, and congruent with grace, love, beauty, gratitude and forgiveness and independent of ego.

Prior to alignment with self awareness your beliefs determine your intent.  Your intent determines your alignment.  Your alignment determines the world you perceive.

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