removing ego

removing ego

The ability to remove your ego from an interaction is an astounding perceptual shift.

When you hold the thought “God bless You”  during an interaction you  set yourself up as the conduit of God’s Grace and “set aside” your ego.

Rather than projecting your own desires on another individual you are projecting the blessings of the Creator.  You are conducting a gift from the Creator.  Your own ego is set aside as you step aside to be a conductor for the Grace of God following your intent.

No matter how good your intentions are, without the blessing of a higher source, your interactions are guided by your self serving ego.  “God Bless You” held in your inner silence  will supersede your ego.

 To enhance the flow of God’s Grace pay attention to the feelings you have as you speak inwardly “God Bless You”. As a conduit of grace you will be touched by it and you can learn to feel it.  In the circuit of Blessing Grace the co creation of an effective uplifting interaction is established…….  You can do this with all living beings.

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