give peace a chance

give peace a chance

River of Peace

Drop the hyper kinetic mind and shift to the Peace That Passes All Understanding.

Give Peace a Chance. John Lennon and the Plastic Ono Band shifting people from 1960′s crazyness to Peace. After 40 years it still makes my hair stand on end to listen to this.

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The Beatle’s Band and their memebers were such a powerful force because they were able to shift the perception of the entire world. It took the establishment mind a generation to regain rigid control of the perception of the majority.

Watch- Let It Be

You don’t need to shift the perception of the world. The new paradigm is to shift the perception of each of us as individuals one at a time. That is what we are learning.

Because the world is so hectic we need a way to unwind, to let go. Even from shifting sometimes we need a way to come down and get grounded. There is a way. You find a sanctuary shift that works for you and you go there for peace when you feel stressed, anxious or drained. After a day or week when I feel especially pulled upon I find the need to go to the Highlands of The River of peace.

Shift to a river of peace. You can immerse yourself in the warm crystal clear waters of flowing peace and feel it wash over you, cleansing all of the mentality all the wants all of the desires all of the stressors and energy drainers from your life. Feel the river of life the river of peace flow into you and the vortex of the mind slipping away down river.

Find your River of Peace. Perhaps the River Jordan or the mountainous upper reaches of the Amazon or Nile or Ganges is your perceptual well spring of infinite peace. Shift to the river of peace and let it move into your heart mind and soul and cleanse you of all negative energies. Hold this perceptual shift as long as you desire. When you leave take the peace of the shift with you.

Give Peace a Chance.

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