sea of frowns

sea of frowns

Start by spending time with your inner frowns.  Some of us have surrounded ourselves with many frowns.  If you are having trouble with the inner smile meditation it may be that you are awash in a sea of your own  inner frowns.  Contemplate the frowns you feel surrounding your inner core.  Forgive the situations that created your frowns.  You should come to the understanding that you are the one responsible for your frowns, not someone else.  As you forgive the situations that hold up your inner frowns, you reclaim the energy they trapped.

A more perceptive shift is to realize that you are the one holding all of the frowns together as part of the construction of your inner judge.  Just make a decision to dismiss the inner judge and his judgements.  Dismiss the ego as the hallucination you created.  Without the judge and the ego the frowns (as judgements) simply fade away.  Without the ego there is nothing to judge so there is no inner or outer frowns and there is nothing to forgive.

As the frowns dissolve you will be able to manifest inner and outer smiles.  Recall the things that make you smile.  Then begin the inner smile meditation.

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