seeking the source

seeking the source

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This week it struck me as amazing the many ways many of us are seeking to reconnect to our Source.

Odd, that we are bombarded with techniques to reconnect to our true source, but are seldom told outright to seek the ear of God.   We are seeking God, but we seek God from the advice of those who have no direct contact.  Perhaps this is not wise!

This is a perceptual shift.  Whatever it is you truly wish to know, seek the answer from your Source, your Creator.  Seek your answers directly.  Do not seek to know the truth indirectly from others that claim to know truth.  No guru, no saint, no holy book and no religion will ever take you back to your source while you are living.  Only your own direct intent will get you there.

With gratitude, love, and inquiry hold the creator in your attention with strength, audacity, and intent.  Hold the inquiry from deep in your heart in the center of your attention on God.  

You will find when you finally truly have a powerful intent to commune with God and you truly finally let go, you will reconnect directly with the source of Creation.

You can get a direct answer from your Source.  You can realize your own reconnection to Source.

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