shifting destiny

shifting destiny

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Can you shift the path of your destiny?

As one gets on in life you begin to wonder just how much of your life is preordained.  You begin to notice that your destiny seems to be set.  The harder you try to shift yourself into a new role, the more life seems to throw you back into your same old position.

Is it concievable that there is mechanisim in place that controls the flow of sequence of events in our lives that we are not aware of? 

For me it is certainly possible that there are more things that we are not aware of than that we are aware of.  It is possible that some great wheel of Karma determines our fate.  It is possible that some great arch angel is in charge of seeing that the right circumstances keep presenting themselves to us in our lives.

If a mechanisim is in place to determine our destiny, then is it possible that one can appeal to that mechanism for a waiver?  Can you seek to reset your destiny by bold and daring appeals of words, action or behavior?

Consider making appeals to Destiny should you wish to shift yours.

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