shifting history

shifting history

Shifting History


You can shift your perception by rewriting your history your mystory.

You are not your personal history or the dramas you live in. These things are your baggage, your inventory, your programming. You realize that you are something completely mysterious that acts through the body mind and soul. You begin to realize that your experiences are rather like dream alignments. You align certain dreams certain acts certain dramas that you then participate in. You realize you can step in and out of the dream of your daily dramas. You realize that the daily dramas that you have been participating in are the result of socialization. Your socialization software controls your behavior until you learn to step out of your dramas.

Almost everyone is completely absorbed by the roles they play. When you try to point out that a behavior is just a role that can be let go, most will instantly add anger to their dramas.

Tell yourself to step above the dramas of daily life and live with the big view.

When you step out of your dramas you realize your ego was part of the drama. You realize your ego is not you. Through identification with your dramas the ego traps the awareness of the self, the real self. You loose yourself in identification with the acts you play. Just Like when you watch a move; you identify with the characters and loose your self in its action. The movie ends and you come back to normal awareness. That is the glory of movies, they let us get out of our own dramas for an hour or two. Unlike the movies your ego does not let go when a drama is finished. The ego moves you on to the next episode, the next drama and keeps your awareness trapped in identity with your roles your personal drama syndications. Your ego is more than happy to run things for you on its historical programing and keep you asleep in your dramas for the rest of your life. Your egos main modus operanda is to rotate you in and out of the of dramas of your life where you alternately take on the roles of victim, victimizer, and savior. Only in extraordinary situations like life and death does the ego relinquish control.

This is simply no way to live. Wake up. Its time to move on.

When you stop to inspect the roles you play in life they begin to look so puny and redundant. I am the savior, I am the victim, I am the victimizer over and over. Look at the stories of almost any ones life. The depiction is a series of these identities. victim, victimizer, savior. It is time to step out of that closet.

You become conscious when you look down upon the dramas of your daily life. From the high vantage point you can choose to change your daily dramas to make them empowering for yourself. You can actually liberate yourself from your daily dramas by rewriting your history by rewriting the scripts of your dramas.
In reality you have to operate in this world surrounded by other peoples dramas. The difference is you learn to act rather than react.

Do you see how your new perception, acting instead of reacting, allows you to completely change the energy dynamics of your relationships. You are no longer being controlled by the dramas of history. You are acting in dramas and facilitating the evolution of others because you are perceiving from outside of the drama. You are bringing energy into the relationship drama instead of stealing it out because you are connected to energy of awareness, grace and creation.

You have shifted your personal history. When you rewrite your personal history, what was awful before can now be viewed as a necessary learning experience. That drama that kept repeating in your life where you kept helping ungrateful people finally taught you to step above the chaos and define your role in a different way. You are no longer the strident savior trapped in your role. You become the aware actor who lives in grace enjoying your part in the production of this dramatic creation.

You dramas defined you as being completely absorbed completely identified with your character parts. Your victimized character you now redefine as just the result of fellow actors acting out their parts in your story following the behaviors scripted by their own historical baggage. You are no longer the victim.

Do you see that behaviors are really unconscious re-act-ions, not conscious act-ions. People re-act according to the scripts they have learned since childhood. You have a choice to act whereas before you could only re-act. Move yourself to higher ground. Move to Eagle perception.

When you have the Eagle’s view you perceive that the victim, victimizer, and savior dramas are software scripts programmed into your consciousness from an early age. You perceive that your programming makes you identify your self with your dramas. Your programming traps your self awareness and gives your identity to the Big Program, your ego, your drama. You are not yourself. You are your drama! Ha
Who could of thought of a better way to control people?
Look at the Predator blog a few days back. Remember the Predator eats the energy of your awareness. If the Predator does not exist as an entity then it exists as our historical dramas.

You can step above This Character Identification and choose to act your parts from the context of Eagle, grace, love and beauty. Stop identifying with the dramas of your life. Take part in life in as a conscious empowering channel for creation.

Change your perception of yourself in your history. Leave the perception of yourself as alternately a victim, a abuser, and a savior. Take the part of the conscious actor living at Eagle in love, grace, joy and beauty as you act out your parts on life’s stage.

Because you had your experiences as a victim, an abuser, and a savior you can now be more understanding and emphatic. You are able to grow. You are able to evolve yourself. You are no longer the victim, victimizer, and savior. You are a participatory perceptual awareness. You can now move on. You have overall perception. You have changed your perception of your his story. You are the perceiver. You are no longer what is perceived. This a VERY BIG shift in perception.

There is that story …. When you grow up in a small town everyone knows your story your history. You are locked in. A consensus builds that defines who you are. That consensus begins to define your self perception. The only way to change your self perception is to move away.

This story is true for all of us. You must move beyond identification with your history. Only then are you free.

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