shifting to the heart

shifting to the heart

Shifting to the Heart

When the ego rules, the mind entrains the heart/body to do its bidding.

We desire to get to the point where our heart as an organ of perception and awareness entrains the body/ mind.  As the assmeblage of awareness nests in the heart its dominance entrains the body/mind.  A whole new world of perception opens up.

The situation is that we have trained our minds to be in control since the age of 5 or 6.  Our hearts control is still at the developmental stage of 5 or 6.  One technique to shift the focus of your awareness to your heart is to…. focus on external stimuli while holding the emotions of caring, loving and curiosity.

The shift in the focus of awareness, from thinking to external sensory perception, significantly modifies and slows the duration of the cardiac cycle, producing a cascade that affects all physiological and cognitive functioning. …..

Heart coherence begins when the location of consciousness is shifted from the brain to the heart, either through focus on the heart itself or on external sensory cues and how they feel. pg 100

In deepening this shift to coherence, most heart researchers emphasize focus on ….. external stimuli……. while intentionally generating the emotions of caring and affection.  pg 99 Quotes from Stephen Harrod Buhner’s book The Secret Teachings of Plants.

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