shifting workplace abuse

shifting workplace abuse

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We have the power to improve our lives and the lives of those around us.

(If you work with or under a narcissist, it sounds like your work life might be a living hell… .. You would never forget it. It is traumatic and very likely to end in actual bullying and stalking behaviors. Many workers end up with PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Others quit, or even relocate.  Dr. Sam Vaknin . ….  Narcissim in the Work Place.)

Today most personal attacks occur in places of work where superiors are allowed to abuse workers.  You can shift the negative attack energy back to your accusers by the proper use of focus.  Once managers are burned by their own actions they will think twice before attacking again, but you can be certain you will be on “their list”.

People get in positions of power who have low vibrations and morals because they are easily manipulated by higher bosses.  Chains of Command prefer those who are easy to manipulate.  Such the old phrase,  “Power corrupts and unlimited power creates unlimited corruption. 

Corruption becomes embedded in places of high power and it is encouraged on down management lines.  A narcissistic company promotes narcissistic management. The lack of compassioin in the form of Fear and greed and abnormal psychology combine to produce some seriously bad working conditions and nasty situations when you are working for narcissists.

When you refuse to “play the game”, and insist on working from a high ethical standard you aggravate the powers that be.   To transform this situation, your goal is to shift the attention back to the real situation.   Hold the attention on the REAL SITUATION.  Believe me their will be extensive effort to cover up the REAL SITUATION.

Management abuse is a common occurrence in our industrial society.  Do as you are told no matter what –  illegal, immoral, or whatever or you will be fired.  “You and your family and friends suffer”.

What you have to do is put focus on the real situation so that it resolves.   Get creative and do whatever it takes so that higher powers cause transformation of the situation.

Eliminate workplace abuse with nonviolent solutions. 

When you are under attack, be sure to allocate yourself time to process what is really going on and make sure you keep the focus there, not on the distractions your attacker is throwing at you.  “The times they are a changin” and the days of abusive individuals in positioins of power is numbered.  It is always best to take the high road and not get drawn into darkness.

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