shifting your perception

shifting your perception

Shifting Your Perception

When you feel and see the world from the point of view of others or from a point external to yourself you are perceptual shifting.
There is something inside of us that whispers we are not free, but we do not understand what it is, and why we are not free. Don Miguel Ruiz “The Four Agreements”

Today we are going to play with moving your perception. That is what this blog is all about….. learning how to shift perception. Small steps at first, but really important steps.

Think about it. As your day rolls around you are using several different perceptions to observe your world. As your emotions and habits shift throughout the day your perception shifts in synchrony.

If you are like most when you get up in the morning you …..have to get this done and this done and this done before you get in trouble for being late or negligent. It really is perceiving life through a Nervous lens, aka fear perception. Then you hit the highway and bamo you are in a perceptual commuting trance, driving as is your style, slow, aggressive, abusive, whatever. Then you are at work and shlip on goes the work perception …. maybe depression, maybe robotisim, fear, or zippidy do da I am going to have fund today no matter what the boss does.

Throughout the day we go through shifts in our perception. If our lives have regular patterns, then our shifts of perception tend to become regular habits. What is more regular habitual perception shifts keep us locked into seeing our world in only the way we have been perceiving the world. It is like our habits only let us look at the ground and we never look up to see the blue sky and brilliant stars. What a shame to go through life and never see the stars because we are wearing blinders.

If you have never seen the stars you will never miss them unless something happens to broaden your band of perception. My God, we just have to change this. Human beings are just too beautiful a part of creation to never look about and know the glory of creation! We have no concept of what we are missing. We are like worms that have no idea of the possibility of one day being beautiful flying butterflies that can cross half of the globe.

Dwell upon this again. The world we perceive depends on the perception we using at the moment. If you stay with the same perception then you will get the same pictures over and over. HOW BORING…. how small.

Suppose today you are a little more aware and you decide you are tired of this. You just can not take it any more. You leave home for work, but you call in sick and go to the beach. After sitting there mopeing for a while you begin to notice that most people are enjoying themselves, especially the little kids. What is going on here. They must live in a different world? They are all rich, right? Well the kids can’t be.

It hits you like a meteorite in the cranium. These kids have shifted their perception to a different place than the one I am using. They are living in the moment here and now and they are having fun.

Duh, Why don’t I just learn to perceive the world in better ways. The here and now, no past bullshit on the mind, perception the kids are using looks like more fun.

Go somewhere busy where you can be the observer and not bother anyone. Go somewhere like the mall, a sporting event, or even the beach or pool. Observe with kind intention. Silence your babbling mind for a moment and observe individuals. Observe how you feel from your heart or gut about where you think each individual’s perception is currently floating.

You will see that you quickly get a feeling for each individual, a feeling where their perception is centered. You perceive/feel all kinds of things. I am busy, I am stressed, I hate my life, I am fearful, I am having fun, I am happy, I am a flirt, I am sad, I am sexy, I am overweight, mostly I am living in my head reviewing fantasy and bad memories, and then there is I am blessed.

Whoa. What was that last one!!! Yes that is a rare one. I am blessed. I am in grace. I am in gratitude. I love life. Now pay attention to this one. He/she is the rare one.

Let us see now. We are observing perceptions like we are shopping for cars. Which one do you want? How about I am stressed. Or I am sexy, or I hate my life, or I love my life?

I don’t know about you, but I think that I will try out the I love my life model, even though I am sexy sounds like fun.

Back to the mall or sporting event; kindly observe the one person who you feel is in this state of grace in love with being in their own skin.

Try to get a lock on the alignment of their perception because YOU REALLY WANT TO USE THE SAME PERCEPTION THEY ARE IN. Believe me they really won’t mind and will probably smile as long as you are appreciating them. People enjoy being appreciated and loved even when no words or emotions are expressed.

Try it. Try to shift your perception to align with someone you see who appears to be in Grace. You often see it with new mothers. See how it feels. Grace feels pretty nice.
Feel the sense of peace, of satisfaction, of love and gratitude. Hold on to this feeling this perceptual shift and then try to extend it to others and to nature in the area.

Practice. Practice. Practice. In a short time you will be able to shift your perception at will.

You can also practice shifting to other peoples alignments to empathize and understand their reality.
You can find kids playing and you can align with them to live here and now in the flow of creation.
You can go to the wilderness and shift to the peace that nature offers.
You can practice shifting into the Global view, the Eagles view for a perspective of all the factors of life coalesced in your life situation.
You can practice shifting up and down the time line to perceive possible outcomes in current situations.
You can practice shifting to align with omnipresent creation.

Now you have done something important.

  1. You have found that you already shift your perceptions minutely.
  2. You have identified perceptual shifts that you want to experience.
  3. You are practicing shifting your perception in alignment with those you observe as having a better or broader view of life.
  4. You can consider shifting your perception to ever expanding horizons, to places you can not even imagine beyond human perception.
  5. You can become a proficient perceptual shifter with practice.

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