shifting your thoughts to determine your life

shifting your thoughts to determine your life

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You create your own abundance by shifting your intentions to focus on what is beneficial, what you appreciate, love and enjoy.  You further develop your manifestive abilities by imagining your life as you want it to be while removing your attention to how you do not want it to be.

I ask, if for a moment, you stop to recall a time when you were angry, and then to recall that your anger stayed as long as your thoughts remained on the experience that created your anger.

Do you also remember that when you finally were able to focus on something else that the anger left you?  At the moment you probably did not notice your anger shifted to something else.  This is an experience so many of us have had over and over.  There is an important lesson that is usually missed. 

The lesson is that you can choose at any time to change the focus of your attention to change your life experience.

How would your life differ if you made the conscious decision to predetermine that you would focus your thoughts on solutions and remaining positive in all environments?  While intentionally ignoring thoughts that would make you feel angry or anxious?


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