slaves to money

slaves to money

Slaves were given freedom and paid a pittance and they rejoiced.  The owners rejoiced as well.  No longer are they responsible to take care of the slaves, and yet they are still their slaves, slaves to a few coins a day. (A V. Megre concept)

This is the way demonocracy was created.  (yes the spelling is right)

If only I earn a few more dollars I will truly be free.  Always it is like this.   Can you percieve how market democoracy becomes demonocracy?

How can you escape the grasp of the money market?  Is it possible to live free from the enslaving grasp of money?  Is it possible to use money and not become enslaved by it?

The system always operates through parents.  Century after century systems have come and gone, one after the other, all with a single goal  – to kill you, a ruler and wise creator, and transform you into a souless slave……… to come between you and God and to make you work for them. The Space of Love, V. Megre.

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