stalking the predator within

stalking the predator within

Stalking the Predator Within

The Predator is like a huge tapeworm coiled around the real you covering you in masks and holding you captive as it lives on your life force.

The predator puts a mask over the real you and takes over your life.  The Predator is so good you don’t even know it is there.   The Predator is your social behavioral programing.  The Predator is your inner judge judging your every move and every relationship over and over.  The Predator is the human computer virus I have been calling the parasite.  The predator seeks to live, and it lives by eating you alive. You will never experience free will or truly perceive life until you put this parasite away.

The ancient Greeks had a saying “Gnothe Seaton“, or know yourself.

You are life force.  The Predator is a parasite that lives on the energy of your life force.  It is  holding your awareness with judgements that bind you to  past and future patterns of behavior. 

To become aware of the Predator first ask yourself what you are not.  Are you your body?  Are you your mind?  Are you your memories?  Are you your behavioral patterns? The Predator wants you to believe you are these things.

But you are something else, something speacial.  You are a life force experiencing life and creation.  You are not your body, mind, or behaviors.  You are not the masks you wear.  You are not a policeman.  You are not a truck driver.  You are not a student.  These masks cover the real you.  You are life force.

In the previous post we noted that the first major step in ridding yourself of the Judge is to become aware that he exists within you and hold your attention on him. 

In the same way you hold your awareness on the Judge, begin to hold your awareness on your behavior.  You are stalking yourself.  Stalk your behavioral reactions.  When you become aware of your REACTIONS, work to replace your automatic reactions with empowering behavioral ACTIONS.  Awareness is the first step.  Know yourself.

By stalking the predator that lives within you can regain control of your life.  You can kill the predator that lives in you and begin to clearly experience life.  You can make the perceptual shift to experience  life free of the masks of socialization, free from judgement, free from the tyranny of the mind.  You can perceive how beautiful life is when you live here now.

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