staying connected to the present

staying connected to the present

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Dance with life.

It seems a bit odd to blog about being present as one would expect that we are all present.  Yet the truth is that most are here in body, but their mind is mostly elsewhere.

Since we want to evolve it is pertinent that we remain present and perceptually aware.  I have struggled with staying in the Now moment. 

The best way for me to stay in the moment is to stay in gratitude and appreciation.  When I am loving what I am doing and loving where I am letting things flow …… I am present with creative presence.  I am dancing with life.  I am co-creating my life.

When I am not in gratitude and appreciation I am in my mind and the script of my mind is running and I am living the script.  I am living my life written by society and my mind and my contract.

You and I want to dance with life.  We want to evolve.  We want to make dreams real.   Being gratefully present is essential.

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