stop the complaining habit

stop the complaining habit

Complaining is a product of being manipulated into states of fear and anger.  We want to stay in states of love, appreciation, play and joy.  To hold the higher vibration of these states requires paying attention to our personal words, thoughts and deeds.  It requires us to be conscious, to be out of unconscious habitual behavior.

Practice self observation without judgement.  From this perspective you know you are not your word thoughts or deeds and you know that you can choose to change your habitual words thoughts and deeds.

Also practice observing your personal VIBE.  Also begin to see that your vibe is your creation, a creation that you can learn to contol.

As you notice the vibe that you hold when you are feeling good, appreciating and enjoying life, not complaining, you can learn to magnify the perception of this vibe and to make it “YOUR PERSONAL FEELING.  You can learn to hold this as your home vibe.  By shifting your vibe you can hold yourself in a non-complainer vibe, no matter the situation or environment you find yourself in.

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