summarizing perceptual locations

summarizing perceptual locations

This post summarizes the perceptual shifts we have been examining.

  1. Centered in your social conditioning. Centered in your own baggage, your own dramas.
  2. Centered on the awareness or concern of another person.
  3. Centered standing back at Eagle outside of yourself and others… aligned with the big view.
  4. Centered in your heart, dissociated from your baggage and conditioning.
  5. Centered in the awareness of here and now.
  6. Centered in awareness of your inner body.

We have also considered a blending of these different positions of perception. Maintaining a certain amount of association or alignment with multiple perceptual shifts may give rise to uniquely creative perceptions.  In fact most perceptual shifts are a blending where we keep one foot in our old reality.

Creativity, adventure and play are three examples of blended perceptual states.

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