tai chi chi gong assemblage posture

tai chi chi gong assemblage posture

Tai Chi Chi Gong – Assemblage posture

While doing Tai Chi Chi Gong hold the vision of your assemblage point anchored in its perfect spot flexible at the heart center.

Hold the vision of energies being moved and circulated throughout the luminous egg, clearing, energizing, and mobilizing your energy body.

As if holding onto a vision on high your attention assemblage is nested with an upward slant ensuring a healthy alert awareness.

Can it be so simple that a persons attitude, perception, energy, awareness, health, and prosperity are tied to the posture of the assemblage point?  This is exactly what it seems the Toltecs believe.

Try it and see……  Intend to hold your attention as if your consciousness and perception is assembled from a vortex of energy coming in at a slight upward angle from the top of the heart chakra.

Work with this for several days and write down any differences you perceive and feel. 

With this practice you may gradually re-anchor your assemblage point in more maximal position for the unfoldment of your life.


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