take acceptance inside inner smile

take acceptance inside inner smile

 Practicing the inner smile takes self acceptance all the way to your core as a first step with inner tao. 

Smile upon and accept… your brain, your organs, your bones, connective tissues, joints and muscles, your emotions, your skin, your look, your inventory, your chi of course, your barriers, and your core being.  Feel the return echo of this smile/acceptance.  As you peacefully smile upon all parts of yourself, the parts of yourself accept one another and move into harmony. Bringing all parts of the self into harmony (thereby ending self sabotage) is a goal of tao inner smile meditation.

When you have smiled/accepted upon the whole of yourself, then you are ready to smile and accept the whole of creation.  Then you are in alignment with creation in alignment with the tao.

Through the inner smile meditation the Tao promotes a profound openness to life without judgement, with an open heart,  in alignment with what we have been projecting. 

see  http://www.lifeevents.org/taoist-inner-smile-meditation.htm

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