the 8 winds master the ego

the 8 winds master the ego

Let go of the need to defend.  “The eight winds can not move me, yet one fart blows me across the river.: pg 140

In “The Tao of Daily Life”  by Derek Lin The Eight winds are described as the forces that motivate people. The eight winds are — praise, ridicule, honor, disgrace, gain, loss, pleasure, and misery.

In this parable the disciple tells the Master he has conquered the 8 winds.  With a simple word the master enraged the student, proving to him he had not conquered the 8 winds of the ego.

The meaning of the parable is that in Tao one can not conquer the ego.  However one can become the master of the egoinstead of vice versa.  In the Tao of Daily Life it says “  To master the ego and not be its servants means to let go of the need to defend. Relinquish the desire to convince or persuade others..  We can hold on to our views without having to make any points, prove anything, or justify any positions.  When we free ourselves of this falseh0od we gain clarity.  We begin to see that being defensive is a tremendous waste of energy.”

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