the adventure of energetic awareness

the adventure of energetic awareness

With awareness that we are assemblages of flowing energy/information comes the potential for great transformation.  As beings of flowing information/energy we have almost infinite capabilities for adventure, fun, evolution, and transformation.

You are an energetic being.  I am an energetic being.  As you read these words we are exchanging energy.  Energy has infinite extension and our interconnection is holographic.  The more that we interact the more that our perceptual assemblage points hold common awareness.

We can contemplate that according to a being’s perceptual assemblage capacity they are able to shift their perception to instantly experience different perceptual realities.  An average person might experience anger, joy, passion, and a modicum of peace in a few moments.  A shaman might experience being an eagle, viewing a parallel dimension, and a transcendental perception in a few moments.

The adventure of Energetic Awareness is learning to see with expanded or shamanic perceptual abilities. The challange is to let go of belief in solid fixed objects.

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