the assemblage point revisited

the assemblage point revisited

Considering the relationship of everything and how different things exist in the oneness of all I am reminded of the concept of the assemblage point.  It seems that each material construct, each material entity is a different assembly of alignments of perception. 

An entity is itself specific alignments of perception of the whole.  The focused conscious perception of the entity is a small heightened component of the total alignment of the entity.  Everyone is able to shift the alignment of their assemblage to some extent as they process information throughout the day. 

In the flow of life the alignment of perception of an entity is in continuous flux.

The assemblage point is real. With training, the practitioner can see a client’s assemblage point with the conscious physical eye, feel it with the hands, and measure it with scientific equipment. And, one can learn to feel it within the self. Most people who achieve this level of awareness express surprise that they had not felt it earlier.   ….People who have their assemblage point restored to the center of their chest often describe themselves as “in the flow.” For them, life seems effortless and joyful……. …. a must read …. from

Moving the assemblage point is simply a matter of intent and energy

I have reviewed moving the assemblage point in previous posts.  One of the easiest ways to shift your assemblage point that gives an immediate emotional change is to shift your posture. 

Where is your AP centered?  Is it near its place of normal balance at the heart center?  Or is it off to the left or right or in the head?

Throw your shoulders back, ears over the shoulders, stand proud, chest forward and intend that your power center is your heart center.  Can you feel a difference?  Intend to hold and embrace this position as your maximum place of being.  Perceive a flowing vortex of energy about the heart center. 

….the egoistic perspective will never co-operate with this process….When the assemblage point is centralized in the chest, it acts to light and waken the heart perspective. We are lent a literal second seat of perception, or container of consciousness, through which the trapped unconscious information begins to flow from our depths. This event restores self-healing,   ….Cheyenne Maloney

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