the assemblage point

the assemblage point

The Assemblage Point

The assemblage point determines what you are able to perceive, how you feel, and how you behave. The assemblage point aligns your perception.

No way around this.
This subject is a stretch unless you have a Toltec background.

Everything you think and everything you feel depends on the position of the assemblage point. Don Juan

Our body is energy. The energy body contains 8 energy centers called chakras. Energy flows in and out of the chakras. The chakras process this energy and send it on to the assemblage point.

The assemblage point aligns lines of force or energy within the energy body of man to similar lines of force outside the body of man. When this alignment occurs the luminous fibers are alighted and perception occurs. According to the literature this is how man builds the world he perceives as he goes.

The assemblage point powered by your life force is the brain of the energy body. Here the information gathered by the chakras is processed. The assemblage point is about the size and shape of a grapefruit and is able to move about the energy body. The location of the assemblage point determines what you are able to perceive, how you feel, and how you behave. The energy aligned by the assemblage point also determines what your perceive, feel and behave. When you make a large perceptual shift the assemblage point moves. Each movement of the assemblage point aligns different energies aligning different perceptual shifts.
The ability to move the assemblage point enables you to change your perceptual shift at will. The will to move your assemblage point is called intent. To become a master at moving the assemblage point you must have unbending intent.

When the assemblage point is at the crown chackra your are easily able to hold a meditative state or shift to Eagle big picture perception. From this crown vantage you are able to shift your assemblage point to any of the chackras or other positions in the energy body with practice.
Depending on who you read you may get differing ideas about where the AP is generally located. In his book The Four Insights, Alberto Volodo discusses where he feels the assemblage point is generally stationed, and how to move it about.

We can consider that the world we perceive is the world we align with our intent. Why not determine to align and perceive an improved world in alignment with spirit.

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