the begining

the begining

The Begining

The INTENT of this blog is to explore and expand ways to move into levels of perception beyond the ordinary.  The intent of this blog is to be a forum and a journal for exploring beneficial alternate states of perceptual awareness.

…….they choose to change the way they perceive……. and participate consciously in their biological, emotional, and spiritual evolution….. from The Four Insights by Alberto Villodo.

The intent of this blog…. Perceptual Shift… is to Expedite a shift in your perception in order to Expedite your personal evolution and social evolution. The intent is to shift from perceiving life through your reactive mind to perceiving life clear of the obstruction of your reactive conditioned mind.  As you allow yourself to shift the perception of your reality you may find your new perception is more beautiful and creative than you could have ever imagined. In my experience nothing is more profound than taking control of your life by  shifting your perception.

Maintaining a shift in perception can be challenging, or it can be instantaneously permanent. I am interested in what others have experienced that has accelerated their personal shift from egoism to living in fuller awareness.

I intend to keep this blog as simple and straight forward as possible. This blog is my  journal of  my exploration of conscious perceptual shifting.   I will strive to make perceptual shifting as clear as can be so as many people as possible can explore and seek to develop their conscious awareness along with me.  A new day is dawning….. In the past individuals looked to others for guidance.  As we see so many riddled with corruption and personal agendas it is time to look inside for guidance.  I encourage you too look inside of yourself for guidance as you seek new avenues of perception. Contemplate your questioins and wait for an answer from your inner silence.

 Like any great adventure, this is the beginning and we do not know where we will go or where we will end up.

One word of caution, don’t practice perceptual shifting when driving or operating machinery.

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