the core of perception

the core of perception

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Children have an innate desire to experience life through their expression of play.  Everywhere in the world this is true.  They connect to their creative center and enter the flow in conjunction with other children in the same state.

Adults like you and I tend to have a desire to express ourselves as well, but our expression has become tied to our experiences.  Our experiences want to dictate what comes next.  When our experiences and memories dictate what comes next we shut off our creative flow.  We go from expressing life as a child to experiencing life as an adult.  The core of our perception has been kidnapped by experiences and memories.

The focus of this thought is that you have the ability to move back to your creative expression when you drop your experiences. 

 Move to “your center of play” and express your life into being without the hindrance of your prior experiences.

In future blogs I will be considering how being in the flow of your creative center and living your life from expression instead of experiences affects the law of attraction.

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