the eagles gift

the eagles gift

The Eagle’s Gift

This is the Eagle’s gift… the Big Perception.  Stand back from your life and take a look at your big picture. 

The Eagles Perception is the world view from above.  It is the Big Picture perceptual shift where you perceive behavior as the result of centuries of habitual reaction patterns. The Eagle can stand back and see that the actions of people are the result of learned behaviors. 

With the Eagle’s Perception we know that the traumas and dramas of your life are the direct result of the processing of the memory baggage that we all carry about.  The Toltecs call this baggage the Parasite or the Inventory.  In India it is called Maya.

From the Big Picture view you see that the emotional memories that control your behavior are part of your subconscious programing unconsciously being acted out. With this observation your perception shifts. The instant you shift from judge, victim or abuser to the Eagle’s perspective you shift your perception. You remove yourself from the trauma. The behavioral program stops. You gain perceptual freedom.
The Eagle’s Gift to you is the perspective of truth, forgiveness and love.  You can forgive others and forgive yourself and accept forgiveness because from above you see that everyone is living in the behavioral trance that they have been programed into.  The Eagle’s Gift to you is you can step above the trance and see the truth that poeple are really not responsible for what they do because they are in the trance.  Standing back, the Eagle’s Gift is you no longer need to judge others who are tranced.  It is the social programing that makes people do the things they do.  This is the truth that will set you free.
The Eagle’s greatest gift is the gift of unconditional love.  From the Eagle perspective you see the whole sweep of creation. You can perceive with the eyes of love.  You love the flower.  You love the breeze.  You love your breath.  You love awareness.  You love the trees.  You love the stars.  You love the animals.  You love the waters.  You love  the beauty of creation.  You love the beauty of participating in creation.  From Eagle you can make the greatest perceptual shift of all, the shift to unconditional love.
The Eagle’s Gift is perceptual freedom…. freedom from the trance …. freedom to percieve from the heart.


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