the emotional feedback rheostat

the emotional feedback rheostat

The Emotional Feedback Rheostat

 Maintain your awareness of the degree of your connection and alignment with your higher power. This is another Hicks (The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent) concept touched on earlier.  I like it and want to clarify how this works.

  1. You become aware of what you are feeling emotionally about your current thoughts.
  2. You rate your emotions on a virtual mental rheostat with zero being the worst emotions and 10 being the best emotions. The best emotions are love, joy,play, fun, grace, etc.
  3. Now that you are aware of where your emotions are on the emotional rheostat scale, you intend to move your emotions towards the right side of the rheostat.
  4. As you move your feelings to the right you come into alignment with source and your higher self and the feelings you now have manifest in your life with corresponding physical and relationship manifestations.
  5. As your focus shifts throughout the day, from task to task person to person thought to thought you can check your rheostat and make amends by moving your emotions to the right.

The intent is to use your emotional rheostat throughout the day to monitor where your emotions are so that you affect what manifests in your life.  Like matrix, you set your feelings and allow what manifests manifest, just let it happen.  Instead of just letting life happen, or trying to force things to happen you set up for positive things to happen by controlling your feelings.

Hold your intention for the feelings of change to occur.  ie What would it feel like if this were to change?  Collapse a wave and be alert for what happens.

 Maintain your awareness of the degree of your connection and alignment with your higher power. ie Remain aware where your feelings are on the rheostat scale.

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