the endarkenment

the endarkenment

The European Enlightenment was, in so many ways, merely the Endarkenment.  It was the cultural moment in which the linear mind began its dominance.  The moment at which this older mode of cognition was abandoned….  “Secret Teachings of Plants  by Stephen Harrod Buhner”

The older paradigm of living and cognition was that of direct communication with the creations of nature, a holistic consciousness that was nearly destroyed and wiped off of the face of the Earth by those who sought the control of everyone else.  Nevertheless the capacity to perceive through the heart has survived or was rediscovered as is represented by the lives of wise ones like Gnothe, Buhner, Thoreau, Shakespear, Fukuoka, Burbank and Shamans living in remote isolation.  Each demonstrates the ability to communicate with plants and nature in the real world procuring healing herbs in ways that linear science can not phantom.  Each demonstrates the ability to bring astounding amounts of information out of the real world.

What this means is that you me and anyone with the desire and strong intention can reconnect our awareness back with nature. Each of us has the capacity to correspond with the interwoven community of life.

You can reverse your own endarkenment by taking control of where your conciousness and your perception resides.  You can communciate with all living things with a much greater capacity than words alone can grasp.  Reading Buhner’s book quoted above is probably one of the best places to start.  Spending time in the wilderness or your garden attuned to your five senses is the next.

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