the essence of life

the essence of life

The Essence of Life

  • What is the Essence of Life? 
  • We perceive it, feel it, and channel it.  Yet it remains an indescribable awareness, as if it comes from beyond form and description.

Do you notice after some people leave your presence that their essence seems to linger in you awareness?  Do you notice after you have had a particularly peaceful time in the forest, the surf, or on a walk that the essence of that peace lingers with you?

Do you notice that some individuals transfer the essence of peace,  joy,  love, appreciation, or enthusiasim.  Others seem to transfer the essence of anger, fear and frustration? 

What seems apparent is that those consumed by anger, fear and frustration lack flow of the Essence of Life that comes from those possessed of presence, love, joy, appreciation and enthusiasm.  It is as if the flow of the essence of life is blocked by anger fear and frustration.  So it is.

It is easiest to perceive a great disparity of the flow of the essence of life.  Those with an great abundance or a great lack of flow of the Essence of life catch our attention.  Most of us seldom take notice of the strength of “connection” of others.  It is a subtle feeling and most are not attuned to it.

It is good to learn to become attuned to your connection to your essence.  It is good to learn to pay attention to the connection of others as well because the Essence of Life determines our very nature, existence and awareness.

You can use the techniques discussed in this blog to increase your ability to be a conduit of your connection to the Essence of Life.   Through acceptance and presence and gratitude you become a strong concious conduit of the Essence of Life.  As you shift your perception the Essence of Life brings conscious awareness into life through you.

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