the four agreements

the four agreements

The Four Agreements

Change Your Behavioral Agreements

Can you shift out of fear of public speaking? Can you make a giant perceptual shift to erase your major personal phobias? Wouldn’t that be a major personal growth? Would that be a big shift in your perception?

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz is the textbook for this blog post. I can not over recommend this book. If you read anything read this book. It is short, simple and real. I believe that if you apply the principles of this text you will be able to break unconscious agreements that trigger your grand dramas.

Don Miguel explains that every human becomes domesticated as we accept agreements that others teach us as we grow up. These agreements determine our behavior. Most of these agreements are disempowering, giving power to others of course. Most all of the agreements are fear producing.
Now is your time to question the authority of all of your disempowering agreements you made when your parents and siblings and teachers were Gods to you.

Don Miguel goes on to say “If you adopt these four new agreements, they will create enough personal power for you to change the entire system of your old agreements.”

The Four Agreements as I summarize them are:

  1. Be impeccable with your word. Do not say or think anything bad about others or your self. Use your word as a tool for Grace and Love. Speak with Integrity, with truth.
  2. Don’t take anything personally. Don’t care what others say or think. This will set you free from your own dramas. What others say and think is a product of their programing.
  3. Don’t make assumptions about others. Have the strength to make your communications with others as clear as possible. Ask direct clear questions to avoid dramas on both sides, to prevent and clear misunderstandings and to learn why they showed up in your life.
  4. Always do your best with the first three agreements. Practice, practice, practice. This perceptual shift will take time. Stay with these agreements You are unwinding your old unconscious drama agreements and replacing them with these three conscious agreements. As you remake your agreements you reclaim your personal power.

It took a lifetime to build up the strength of your old agreements and it will take time to build up the strength of these new agreements.

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