the luminous beings

the luminous beings

The Luminous Beings

When you perceive everything material as light rather than as objects you open up grand new perceptual vistas, and open up new ways of transforming yourself and what you perceive.

Try to look at everything in your environment as compositions of light and information.  Modern physics tells us that at the smallest level all things exist as vibratory waveforms.  Waveforms are packets of energy and information.  Humans, stars, elephants, electrons, all matter are complex fluid compositions of light information energy.  We are light.  The trees are light.  We are indeed made of starlight.

When you look at a persons or plants and animals and see them as fluid compositions of light/information/energy you should have an aha moment.  If we are fluid compositions of light energy then we have the opportunity to contemplate changing the light composition and flow of energy that we are for the purpose of adventure, growth, transformation and healing.

An ill person could be perceived as having a block or intrusion or exclusion in his light/energy/information or matrix causing the problem. Something is wrong in the flowing energy matrix of the person causing the illness. 

Perceiving material objects as compositions of light/information rather than fixed material objects it is easier to contemplate realigning a body or organ set that is out of order.  A big new window of healing transformation and perceptual exploration opens up.

Percieve the world as compositions of light and information and discard the limited consensus perception of an object based world.

Once you see this way you can intercept a condition or trauma at or just before its inception and observe the outcome as being different.  In this way you engage a new set of probability outcomes, potentially changing the manifestations of conditions and problems.  Richard Bartlett  Matrix Energetics

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