the martial art of perceptual shifting

the martial art of perceptual shifting

The Martial Art of Perceptual Shifting

A martial arts master will use the strengths of his adversary to his advantage.

The obstacle is the path ~ Zen Proverb

Look at the numbers. We are surrounded by the perception of the mind. We are all Maya living, living in our mind dreams.

What if one person, say you, were able to break free from the perceptual illusion of mind dreaming. You begin to live here and now outside of mental illusion. Would this new perception this new dream of yours include the liberation of the rest of us bound by illusion?

You know that humans tend to align one another’s perceptions.

What if 100,000 of us or say 200,000 of us became liberated could we then shift the mass perception out of illusion to living from the heart, living more now? Will we reach a critical mass when 500,000 of us make a permanent perceptual shift and are able to live free from the grasp of ego? (Have you ever heard of the 100th monkey theory?)

The mind thrives on cycling and recycling mental dialogue. It creates a vortex of captivating energy. This vortex will pull down your perception and hold it, but we can use knowledge of the mind to track our way out.

You can not solve a problem at the level at which it was created. You can not solve mental problems by thinking. Thinking is of the mind. You can not solve problems of the heart from your heart as they are at the same level. In each case you have to go up one on the perceptual level to cure the malise.

The martial art is not to fight existing perception. The art is to turn the energy around and use it to move to a higher perceptual shift. If you can shift and hold your perception at the big picture level you can perceive right action and the outcome before it occurs.

If you are in anger and hate or fear and anxiety then step into and embrace the perception of being in the grace of the heart and hold on tight. If you are in heart temptation step into omnipresent perception and don’t let go. Stay with the big picture and learn what this situation was meant to teach you. There is a reason for everything. Their are no coincidences.

Like a martial artsman be prepared to shift your perception as temptation and fear will come hunting you every time you take a step toward the infinite until you step free. Guaranteed. This is the evolutionary process.

The mind is a valuable part of us and serves a purpose.
Respect, love and appreciate your mind and rule it from your heart.

Real freedom from the tyranny of the mind is possible.

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