the posture of man

the posture of man

The Posture of Man

The Posture that I hold directly affects how I experienc life by affecting where my perception is assembled. To shift your perceptual experience shift your posture and hold it.

Great actors will first study the posture of the person whose role they are going to play. When they can reproduce the unique posture and mannerisms of their character they have mastered their art. Watch the mannerisms and posture of a great actor like Tom Hanks.

Study the postures of others and see if you can feel where they are perceptually.

Try it. Put your chest out and center yourself there. If you are not used to this posture you may first feel pompous and puffy. Hold it for some time and move into your power. Stay with it as long as you can and see how you feel through out the day.

Note your posture the next time you feel down or angry or nervous, then try to move your posture back to your center.

It is not a coincidence that many practices designed to alter perception and health have evolved from repeating different postures. Take for example Tai Chi, Yoga, Tensegrity, Ballet, Martial Arts, Sufi Dancing etc.

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