the secret aligning prosperity

the secret aligning prosperity

This is the post everyone is waiting for, right?  You are waiting for the Secret, right?

The secret is…. prosperity comes when you align with the Creator within.  Prosperity comes when you realize that everything in your life is perfect NOW.  I am perfect.  You are perfect.  They are perfect.  The world is perfect.  It can be nothing but perfect this universe this dream.  There is no greater wealth than perfection.

That is the Secret.  True prosperity is aligning with your true self, aligning with the God within.  Stop seeking God.  God is right there inside your heart always.  Only the the program of the mind creates the belief of separation.  This secret  is not the wealth of money.  It is more valuable.  This secret is the wealth of joy and love coming from within.

You stop judging when you accept that everything is perfect even the dramas of everyday life.  Everything  is perfectly acceptable as it is.  No change is required.

The Secret perceptual shift is….  Align with creation through your heart.  Love creation as it is.

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