the spirit of all

the spirit of all

The Spirit of All

Isn’t it about time that we all stopped deluding ourselves and take notice of where and what we are.  It is said that we are spiritual beings having earthly experiences.  Any one with awareness knows the truth of this statement.

From the spiritual standpoint everything we encounter is a manifestation of spirit.  Indigent cultures and older generations were profoundly aware of the spiritual nature of all things. You simply can not separate spirit from form.  Without spirit there is no form.  Spirit is the energy that manifests form.

The advent of the industrial revolution with the development of material sciences and the modern ego separated spirit from form by designating all forms as mechanistic and separate from spirit .  The concept of spirit was thrown out and replaced with a mechanical concept of energy.  The result produces a belief that the world and its componets is a dead machine.  You can see consequences of these mechanistic beliefs.

The truth is that when we look past the mask of our egos and our mechanistic beliefs we see and interact with spirit.

When we meet someone, it is the spirit of the person we meet, not some ego projection.  Ignorance occurs when ego projections overshadow perceptions of spirit.  Because of the predominance of ego awareness spiritual perception is  almost always blocked.

Try to live in the present.  Everywhere you look, everything you see and sense ….  planets, stars, people, animals, plants, blades of grass, and rocks all have their own spiritual beingness.  To deny and ignore this fact is to deny and ignore your own spiritual beingness.

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