the way of the heart

the way of the heart

Giving energy (love energy) is the secret to staying connected to the source of all the energy you will ever need. When you give energy (of love and appreciation) it flows into you first. When you give this energy to one another it builds……… Gleaned from the Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield.

Move into heart perception by focusing you intent on loving what you appreciate. You can almost always appreciate something uniquely or intensely beautiful when you try. Let your appreciation broaden and flow throughout the day, as you continue to focus on loving what you perceptually appreciate and see as beautiful. Be thankful. As you work with this you will begin to see and appreciate the beauty in everything. If you need further guidance, observe the beauty of your surroundings and companions. Love that. Feel that. Stay with that loving feeling. When you can hold that loving perception your are in the state of Grace.

Continuously remind yourself to perceive others and nature from your heart with gratitude, love, and appreciation. Then move into this feeling and hold it without the mind. With practice you will be able to hold this state longer and longer, eventually most of the time.

Intend ….thoughts like I love you, thank you, bless you, you are beautiful ….. to be your dominant background interpersonal thoughts. Be grateful you have been given the opportunity to evolve this way.  Perhaps it will help you by holding a song in your heart throughout the day.

Now perceptually sit back today and watch your appreciative experiences and see what happens. You will be amazed.

You will immediately notice how much better people begin to treat you and take notice of you. It is an immutable fact that when you perceive beauty and love from your heart that it comes back to you. Others instinctively feel your appreciation even if they can not consciously perceive from their heart and soul.

The more you practice, the easier it is to perceive the world from your heart. The more you practice the longer you can stay in this state of perception. Once you try it; heart perception becomes addictive as it feels so much better than living in your mind.
That is it. Simple and basic. No need to complicate living from your heart. This blog post says everything you need to know and may be the most important thing I ever have to say.

I will be writing more about the perceptual shift to the heart in the future because from personal practice I believe this shift is attainable by everyone with and open mind.

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