the way of the tao dao

the way of the tao dao

The Tao also known as Dao is a Chinese study of over 5,000 years and millions of individuals shifting their perceptual awareness.  Tai Chi, Chi Gong, acupuncture and martial arts come from the same root.

There is much to learn from the Tao. My blog stands as microcscopicly infinitesimal before the Tao.  Yet the way of tao also promotes unconditional self acceptance and living with an open heart.  The Tao is an open door to perceptual growth.

My first lesson of the tao is to learn to hold the inner smile.  The inner smile is simply a Taoist meditation on living with an open heart.

For a complete explanation of the inner smile follow this link.  You will learn to bring a smile into all of your being.

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