trance shifting

trance shifting

Trance Shifting

You can learn to shift out of trance by becoming aware that you are in a trance. 

 There are many levels and many types of trances.  All trances effectively take away your perceptual awareness and self control.  In most cases someone or something has an agenda in keeping you in trance.  When you are in trance you abdicate control of your body and mind to others.

Anyone that thinks that they are completely immune to trance behavior is just being naive. 

If you have habitual behavior then you enter trances.  Being in trance is just another way of saying that you have been programed to react a certain way.  Being in trance is saying  that you have given up control of your own behavior to your inner or an outer Judge.  You are tranced.

If you are tranced, your awareness is compromised.  Your goal should be to untrance.  Take control of your inner Judge back from outside influences from the outside Judges.  Then take control back from your inner Judge as well. Who knows what is best for you anyway?

Outside forces have convinced us all that it is necessary for the outside forces to impose moral behavior on us all.  The reality is that all healthy humans are moral creatures by nature.  It is only when they become so tranced by conflicting commands that immorality arises.

Outside forces seek to impose behavior on us all to enhance their power and their agendas.

You do not need the trance of the Nightly News telling you how to think.  You do not need the trance of your church telling you what is moral behavior and what is not.  You do not need a bureaucracy telling you right from wrong.  You are born with morality.  You need to regain your original awareness before you were tranced.  Keep your awareness on the Judge and you regain your perception.  You shift your perception.

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