transcendental perception the way of surrender

transcendental perception the way of surrender

When you completely give up on yourself, completely surrender, something inside of you releases and allows transcendental perception to occur. You transcend normal perception.

Whatever you accept completely will take you to peace, including the acceptance that you cannot accept, that you are in resistance. Stillness Speaks … Eckhart Tolle

Each transcendental perception that I have had has followed complete and total surrender, completely giving up on myself. Each experience greatly affected the rest of my life. Each experience I found was not easily duplicatable. Each experience left me awestruck at the magnitude of creation and of humanity. If you study near death experiences you see that transcendental perception is not that uncommon.

My first experience occurred when I was around 12 years old and this experience colored and affects the rest of my life. I nearly drowned. At the point where I gave up, my entire life flashed before my eyes. In the same instant that my life flashed by someone swam right over my head like a synchronized orchestrated swimming performance and my hand reached out to his foot in exact choreography clasping his ankle and I pulled myself to the surface. I have no doubt that this occurrence was orchestrated. It is just too impossible of an occurrence to be a chance occurrence.

I put an extreme amount of effort and intent into returning to that perception. I meditated, prayed, studied esoteric mysticism, took yoga, scared myself half to death studying Castaneda, read everything about everything. I tried to understand and re enter Transcendental Perception with my Cause and Affect mind perception. Just like everyone else who seeks enlightenment, I failed miserably. If anything I only imbalanced myself as my mind tried to cope with what it could not perceive.

You can not find with the mind that which is outside the mind. Only when you give up what you know can you shift your perception and hope to know what you don’t know.

My next extreme perception occurred when I was about 21 years of age. I was bottoming out emotionally, living in nowhere land, with no job and no friends, completely frustrated.

One evening in this situation I reached the point of complete surrender once again. I fell into a trance or deep sleep and I perceived the entire physical cosmos in creation. I saw that everything was energy, I saw that energy coalesced became centrally bound to form matter, that that matter then coalesced and evolved into everything that we see in the physical world. Atoms, molecules, planets, stars, elephants and us. I knew that the purpose the meaning of life was to evolve, and that I and everyone and everything is continually evolving, that we are all interconnected, that we are all one at some level of perception.

These experiences were many years ago so their intensity and exact memory has faded with time. From my extensive reading since that time I have realized that my experiences are not unique and therefore have reality and are not fantasy.

The point being made is ……. When you completely capitulate, completely surrender, when you let go of desires, wants, and hopes….. your mind really stops and really gives up and allows other perception …… then transcendental perception is a possibility.

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