You can use trees to shift your perception. The mountain and the forest are powerful agents of change if you open your heart.

As I was a child and living in the country, when I walked along the tree shrouded road at twilight I could feel the spirit of the trees. It is not an uncomfortable feeling, but enough of a feeling to move me right along. As adults we seldom let go of our stories long enough to focus on the trees.  Trees are living entities.

Walking among the trees after my run I feel a different awareness of
intelligence without verbosity
an alien feeling, yet a known feeling

a sense of acceptance
of smooth cloud like energetic feeling
a sense of communal energy
a knowing that the force of the earth the sun and the sky is evident in the tree
and is also in you and me

A man shouts.
His energy pierces the peace of the trees
Halting the rhythm of nature
His energy lashes out into the forest like a burning spear
Then his energy grabs what attention it can and steals it back to the man

Slowly the rhythm of nature returns

If you love the trees, if you love the mountains, if you love the world then they can give you a tremendous perceptual boosts when you walk in harmony with them.

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