tuning in to the holographic field

tuning in to the holographic field

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Each of us is tuned into a specific holographic field perception that is ”the experience of being me”.  We want to change the dial a little bit so we have a different better perception of the hologram.  We want to be able to tune in information that we have not normally had access to.  We want to align perceptions that will make us better than what we have been.  We want to align perceptions of the hologram that will allow us to help others to experience a better experience.

Because we exist in the field and the field of information is all inclusive, we should be able to adjust our perception to obtain whatever experience or information we desire.  (This is a very Toltec worldview.) We should be able to adjust to seeing energies we normally do not see.  We should be able to connect to information we do not normally access.  We should be able to experience the perceptions of other beings unlike ourselves.

When you open up the Holographic field as an explanation of the Universe you open up a Pandora’s box of possibilities and potentials.

We want more information.  We want to know how to connect to the field of information. We want more perception.  We want to be able to conveniently tune into specific information, specific perceptions as our interest dictates.   We want to know how to connect to the field of informationto induce healing.  We want to know how to heal the planet.  We want to heal individuals.  We want to heal ourselves.  We want to perceive how it is that we can tune into these awareness-es that are available because we have seen individuals who have access to this information and capacity.

We want to know how to efficently connect to the “Field”, the “Universe” to percieve and download what will make us and the world a better place.  It is like we have a DOS based primitive computer.  We just have a taste and our appetite is whetted.  We want the new Apple computer, but we are still with the room size DOS computer.  Well times are evolving super fast.  What we know today will be simplistic tomorrow.

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