Virtue is a perceptual shift that is either chosen or rejected.

The non virtuous are easily manipulated and controlled.  That is why society promotes the rejection of virtue.  Just watch one commercial on TV and make your judgement.  More so than anytime in history we are bombarded with temptation.  Buy this, buy that, do this do that.  Pursue this pursue that.

Those who reject virtue easily fall into the temptation to fulfill transitional wants and desires.  Those who fall deepest into temptation become the dregs of society.

Those who embrace virtue retain the energy and balance necessary to be conciously aware. 

The path is plain and simple.  Choose to be virtuous.  Be impeccable in word, thought and deed.  Remain unconditional in your appreciation of others. Remain unswayed by transitory desires.  Then you retain the focus, the discipline and the energy to perceive the Tao, to perceive awareness, to grow your life.

Practice kindness and selflessness.

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