walk a mile in their shoes

walk a mile in their shoes

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I have covered this concept before, but it is worth reviewing again.  Even while gaining wisdom it is possible to get stuck in angry abusive situations.

The perception is to not to return anger to those who hurt you, but to move to compassion.  When you can pause for a moment with the eagle’s view and perceive the baggage others are carrying you can understand why they act to provoke you.  You can understand the pain that they live in.  You can understand why they hurt you and others, even without reason.

Once you have walked that proverbial mile in their shoes, feel what happens inside.  Allow the warmth and openness of compassion to spread through your heart and soul.  Now you are whole…….  By Penelpe Andrea from March Life Connection magazine.

Walk a mile in their shoes in compassion and understanding and if necessary defend yourself and walk away with a happy heart.

addendum: Find something about the other that you can admire, even if it is very hard to find, and hold the focus of your attention there.  Then your feeling about the interaction will shift.

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