what is a spirit?

what is a spirit?

Your spirit is the real you that lives inside of your body. Your spirit is your life force.  Your spirit is the watcher of your life.  Your spirit is the watcher of your thoughts behind your thoughts. Your spirit watches your life  from within your body.  Your body and your thoughts are like the clothes your spirit puts on when you are alive.   If you want to know your spirit then pay attention to the watcher within you.  The watcher is you.  The watcher is your spirit.  Your thoughts, and words and your body are the clothes of your spirit.

When you are through with your body your spirit moves on as if removing old clothes.  A ghost is said to be a spirit that is still attached to our world even though his body is dead.

You think that your mind is you, because it is always demading your attention.  The real you is the part of you that can observe the mind.

This is my answer to my 7 year old this morning.

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