what is an ecosystem

what is an ecosystem

As I have learned, the ecosystem is the universe.  Everything is interconnected on an intimate level that most fail to comprehend.

Every living organism and “inanimate” object produces a fluctuating broadband electromagnetic spectrum that responds to changes in its environment.  As time progresses your senses are continually reading, recording and sending information filled fields of information.  Everything is continually doing this at great speed.  The equilibrium of everything is interdependent on these high speed interactive communications.

Since everything is infinitely extended by virtue of its shifting, responsive extended electromagnetic field, everything is infinitely interconnected.

The reason most people are not aware of their connection to their environment is that everyone is stuck in their heads.  We have all learned to be mentally conscious and drop our capacity to be conscious from our heart center.  We have dropped our capacity to hold our consciousness in our senses, in our environment.    Because the conscious mind is a linear ie (one after the other) processor it can not process multidimensional holistic information.

The simple solution to becoming aware of being in the ecosystem is to shift your attention to your senses and pay attention to what you are feeling, pay attention to how your body responds, and pay attentions to the thoughts that arise.

When you allow your consciousness to reside in your heart you can readily see the insanity of creating and releasing genetically modified foods, or creating nuclear power plants, or other devices that have the capacity to irreparably damage the ecosystem that we all are.

Remember, the ecosystem is you, me and the universe.  Go out into the wilderness and reboot.

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