what is the use

what is the use

What is the Use?

Why would we want to bother to shift our perception?

From a perceptual shift outside of your usual residence you can promote healing, peace, harmony for others and enter perceptions of creativity, adventure and understanding for yourself.

From the perceptual shift of Grace you support those you love and admire. You become a fountain of good energy to those around you. You actually become a tool of creation as the Source of Grace is outside of yourself. Grace will flow through you as an unseen energy as you admire, appreciate, and love. As a bonus you will be continually energized by grace as it flows through you first. The feeling is joyful and fun.

When you move your perceptual shift to an alignment another is occupying you develop empathy and understanding for why they are the way they are. When you consider the vortex of their inner dialogue you can understand why they react the way they do.

When you align with an Eagle you get the Eagle’s perspective of the world soaring high on the winds free of your monkey mind.

When you align with a great avatar you are a great avatar.

When you align with creation you cooperate with the flow and evolution of creation.

Why would you bother to practice to learn to perceptual shift? Because it is a great endless adventure. It is fun and challenging. It is healing, creative and empowering.

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