you are not me

you are not me

You can clear reactivity behaviors by holding the observation  ” You are not me!”, when you recognize a drama reaction triggering.  With this tool you can gain your freedom from learned reactive behaviors. You become a non reactive person through acceptance and awareness.

My acceptance and awareness of my reactivity followed by my perception that it was not the real me seemed to detatch the “entity” and move it away. This was an interesting experience.  It was like my behavior was a field of reactivity, like it was a living entity, a parasite living on me and pretending to be me. 

Last night I awoke from a dream in which a dream event had triggered my reactive behavior. LOL. I followed the advice in Eckart Tolle’s book,  A New Earth.  First I accepted that a reactive pain body had triggered and was pretending to be me.  Then I held my awareness on the field of reactivity.  As I did this I noticed that the field of reactivity seemed to be to the left of my body and wanting to move behind me out of my awareness.  I held my awareness on this pain body and repeated, “You are not me!”, to it mentally several times.  In my inner perception the field of reactivity seemed to become detached from my body.  It seemed to weaken and dissipate as the “You are not me!” statement created space between me and it. I held my awareness like this for a few minutes.  As the reactivity field moved away and dissipated I felt that a change had occurred in me, but I would have to wait and see if the same reactivity was triggered again another time.

As this parasitic like field of reactivity moved away I felt like I needed to do something like intend a shield to protect my family and home from its return.  I did not want this parasite causing reactive behavior and lodging in my children or family.  In my past I have experienced the energy of reactivity moving back and forth between me and other individuals. I did not want this thing to move back to haunt me through a loved one.  I energetically shielded my family and intended that it move far away, bizarre as this seems. Remember I had just been dreaming.

This clearing tool seems to work well with a dream scenario at night when I have time to process the feelings and my awareness.  I will have to wait and see what affect it has when I am working and not at liberty to stop and contemplate. It may be that it is enough to recognize reactive behaviors triggering and work to clear them at convenient times. 

After this experience I sat in quiet contemplation.   Several other memories of being terrified by reactivity triggers came to mind.  I felt I was able to clear them as well simply by placing my attention of “You are not me!” on them.

Summarizing, these are the 3 steps to neutralize dramas and reactive behaviors.

  1. Become aware that a drama behavior has triggered, accept what you are experiencing.
  2. Hold your awareness on the drama.
  3. Hold the awareness that “You are not me” on the drama.

“You are not me!” signifies the perception of self realization.

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