your mind program

your mind program

In this blog I often refer to mental behavioral conditioning. Because there are many ways of describing your mental programing I have set this post aside just to clarify the different names I use in this blog to refer to behavioral programing. Also, it helps to understand what your mental conditioning is, when you see it referred to with different names with slightly different meanings.


  1. social conditioning
  2. behavioral conditioning
  3. field of reactivity
  4. trance
  5. inventory
  6. Maya
  7. dramas
  8. baggage
  9. mental software
  10. parasite
  11. entity
  12. predator
  13. inner judge
  14. conscious and subconscious beliefs
  15. personal agreements
  16. domestication
  17. programing
  18. dream
  19. my story
  20. collective ego
  21. emotional body
  22. pain body
  23. monkey mind

Many names for the same thing.  The operating program that was installed in you and me and everyone else before we were too big to think for ourselves or defend ourselves.

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